Green office


Protecting the environment in the workplace is just as important as anywhere else. An eco office is not as complicated and expensive as many people think. How can you turn your office green? We made it with a simple tip, read it and turn green!

Green office concept

For many of us, the office plays a central role as we spend a significant portion of our time there. It’s no coincidence that more human-friendly and healthier, so-called ergonomically designed offices are becoming more popular these days.

However, environmental considerations should not be taken into account either, as offices are responsible for 40% of the energy and material consumption used by the economy. A green office combines human and environmental considerations, in fact, nothing more than the contribution of companies to a sustainable future.

Paperless office

In today’s digital world, this already seems almost trivial. With the rise of cloud-based services and the expansion of digital payment and administration options, the demand for paper and printer has declined in recent decades.
And the capacity that becomes redundant can be donated to schools or non-profit institutions

Turn it off completely

It’s not enough to simply turn off computers at the end of business hours. This is because standby mode consumes a significant amount of power. This can significantly reduce power consumption, which benefits both the company and the planet.

And in spaces with large glass surfaces and natural light, there is no need for artificial lighting at all.

The world’s largest volunteer action, Earth Hour, is drawing people’s attention to the importance of this. Write it on your calendar and be part of the change!

Motion sensor lighting

Environmental protection in the workplace does not have to involve extra time. Simple. and energy efficiency can be significantly increased in the office with minimal motion lighting at minimal cost. It is better to rely on automation in some cases. It is especially good in rooms that are used relatively infrequently, such as conference and meeting rooms.

Basic supplies in the green office

There are many benefits to having a water dispenser in the office. Among other things, it promotes creativity and increases efficiency. In the meantime, you are also contributing to a sustainable future. With plastic balloon mineral water service, plastic waste will not be a problem. We take care of it, we fully recycle it! Click on the picture and see the natural mineral water offer of Montivíz!

Eco-friendly office kitchen

For many, it is more convenient to use portioned sugar, cream, and similar products, which in turn is incompatible with the concept of a green office. Plus, it's not cost-effective.

Instead of unnecessary waste and waste, it is worth buying basic products in large packaging and storing them in different bottles or metal cans. Everyone gets better with it and also throws up the design of the office, which is also not a last resort.

Nowadays, there are more and more alternatives to traditional kitchen utensils as well. An example is coconut fiber dishwashing sponge.

Informative selective waste collectors

Separate waste collection is extremely popular nowadays, but public information is incomplete. For many, it is not clear which product can be recycled and if so, which should be disposed of.

Let’s help our staff in their quest for the environment and label trash properly. Larger companies cannot go without the possibility of composting. You may want to contact your local waste authority for this.

Bicycle storage

A feature of the green office is that it attaches great importance to the health of its employees and the protection of the environment. The design of a bicycle storage is an excellent choice in both respects. Not only does it encourage employees to exercise, but it makes them think every day about the impact of commuting to the workplace.

Sustainable coffee

Most offices are dominated by capsule coffees, but an eco-friendly office is suitable for eco-friendly coffee. Monti Café offers a solution for this with biodegradable coffee capsules. 100% arabica coffee grounds come from a sustainable source with the Fair Trade logo. Order our starting package!

A green office also deals with employee health. The question arises as to whether drinking coffee is healthy. You can find the answer in our previous article!

Why is it important for companies to take action to protect the environment in the workplace? Read our previous articles on the subject!

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