Here are some simple tips against wasting water, save on your water bill


The last working day of October is World Thrift Day. We would like to dedicate this month to drawing attention to the importance of preserving our most valuable natural resource. In the coming weeks, we will come up with useful water saving tips and news that will not only protect our environment, but also save our wallets.

Why is this necessary? Water is already wasting from the tap, so only the most important information in a nutshell: without water, life is unthinkable and yet we treat it wastefully. Drinking water makes up only 2% of our earth's water supply. It is natural for us that drinking water flows from the tap, but every sixth person in the world has difficulty accessing it, and this proportion is expected to deteriorate significantly in the coming years.

Easiest things you can do:

It seems obvious, but you still have to pay attention to the dripping pins. In a household, up to 15 liters of water a day can run off because of this. Make sure that it is always closed properly and that the faulty tap is replaced as soon as possible.

If we wash vegetables or fruits, we collect the water in a container. The water can be used perfectly for irrigation later.

When washing dishes, always only allow the tap to rinse.

We always make the most of the capacity of our washing machine and dishwasher.

In many households, water also flows while brushing teeth. Return to the toothbrush cup or close the tap while.

Water saving with lower expenses that pay off quickly

Aerators, ie jet controllers, are available in a wide range today. In a conventional faucet, an average of 15-20 liters of water flows through per minute. Aerators costing one or two thousand forints can reduce the flow of water by up to a quarter. Our feeling of comfort will not decrease either, the jet regulator will enrich the water with air, so its feeling and efficiency will be the same.

Use rainwater for irrigation. The easiest way is to expose larger pots or barrels to the open air. Nowadays, home-made rainwater drainage is becoming more and more common. It can be solved in a few simple steps. Find the gutter that is most easily accessible and has the largest roof area. Drain the sewer into a rainwater collection tank. If possible, place the container on a smaller platform to ensure water pressure.

Next week we are waiting for more useful saving tips, follow the Montivíz page where you can learn a lot of useful interesting things about the water around us. In the meantime, hydrate yourself with Monti natural mineral water! Get a personalized quote easily with a few clicks!

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