The hidden ability of the water dispenser


A balloon water dispenser is standard in many offices and workplaces. For many of us, it’s nothing more than a machine that delivers refreshing water at the touch of a button. On the other hand, the water dispenser offers much more than that, all without being noticed. Discover the hidden ability of your water dispenser!

water cooler

Exit "robot pilot" mode

Do you take the time to think about what you did at the end of the day? Surprisingly, many people don’t even think about what they’re actually doing. We often fall victim to so-called autopilot mode. We stick to routines, deadlines. We do more and more things without even thinking about what we are actually doing.
That's not the best way to spend the day, is it? The water dispenser will help you with this!

Water dispenser, the meeting point

“Water cooler chat” is a great opportunity for employees to stop for a moment and break out of the habit. A break when it comes to human relationships. In such cases, less stressful things come up most often than hobbies or the weather.
Unfortunately, many workplaces don’t take these conversational breaks with good eyes because they think it’s at the expense of productivity. Many times, the length of breaks is kept within strict limits and minimized in the hope that employees will spend their working time more productively.

In reality, however, workers are burdened with another stress factor, which reduces morale and the quality of work. Workers are not machines, they need smaller breaks when they can break out of work and enjoy each other’s company. The water dispenser plays a key role in this. The beauty of balloon water chatter is that everyone needs it! It has a positive effect on employees and thus on the company as well. What are the benefits of these little seances?

Strengthens corporate culture

Today, a strong corporate culture is more important than ever. A corporate culture and atmosphere that an employee can identify with is often a better motivator than a salary increase or promotion. It unites the company for a common goal, which is also reflected in performance.
No corporate culture can flourish without employee commitment. This is where the water dispenser comes in. Short casual conversations help employees get to know each other better and make their relationship with each other more personal, meaning they also feel more at home in the workplace.

It breaks the ice

Many people suffer from social anxiety in the workplace, find it difficult to mingle in conversation with others, and tend to be huddled. This, in turn, entails a lot of communication problems, to the detriment of work efficiency. A light conversation next to the water dispenser is a good time to move out of the shell and take a small step towards openness.

water dispenser

It spans levels

If employees are afraid to talk to managers, the whole business suffers.
Short chats while sipping mineral water help to create a more personal relationship between people. At such times, most people talk more freely, even raising professional topics and asking questions they would not otherwise dare.

The water dispenser facilitates teamwork

Mutual respect and trust are essential for employees to work together effectively. The water dispenser contributes to this by encouraging employees to have an informal conversation. It also provides an opportunity to get to know each other a little better in person during breaks, which increases trust in each other. The result is that they feel better during the cooperation, which also makes the cooperation more effective.

Increases work efficiency

Most companies want the best possible work efficiency. Many managers believe that chatting at work is nothing more than lost work time. But they are wrong about that. People need short breaks when they can talk and relax a bit. This can significantly reduce stress at work and allow them to return to work with renewed vigor after the break.

It supports the health of employees

Today, one of the most common health risks lurking for workers is stress. Constant stress at work creates tension at work, resulting in a toxic work environment that doesn’t just push the stamp on productivity. Many companies ignore the importance of employee health. Little attention is paid to creating an ergonomic work environment and a good atmosphere.
A healthy and satisfied employee shows up in the workplace on time, doing their job efficiently and creatively, thus contributing to the development of the company. Too much and constant stress, on the other hand, prevents this. Therefore, it is important to be able to take time for the worker to take some time off while working, which the water dispenser can help with. It encourages you to get up from your chair and hydrate yourself with clean, natural mineral water while chatting with your colleagues. Need more?

Montivíz, an expert in balloon water dispensers

Montivíz has been selling quality natural mineral water for more than 20 years. We fill our cylinders untouched with karst water rich in minerals bursting to the surface in the Káli Basin. For Montivíz, not only the satisfaction of our partners is important, but also the protection of our environment. We completely recycle our cylinders, thus reducing the pollution caused by plastic waste.
Choose Montivíz's reliable balloon mineral water service throughout the country!


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