About us


Each of us have (or will have) a dream that has its roots in our childhood, or which has developed as a result of many experiences gathered during our day-to-day lives.


Our dream was to create something domestic, something very good, but what’s most important, something healthy. Given its geographical location, Hungary has huge resources of good quality mineral water. So, the choice seemed quite obvious. From the very beginning, we have given careful consideration to protecting and respecting our environment and this is how we created our bottled mineral water service in 2002.


A further task was to find a clean source of water that provides mineral water of excellent quality and has optimal mineral composition, furthermore it is capable to provide untreated, natural mineral water for our partners on the long term. We have visited several sites and tasted lots of water


Monostorapáti derives its name from the Benedictine abbey established near the settlement. The abbey – nowadays only a ruin – was founded by Atyusz, the son of Bánd in the year 1117 AD. At that time, the settlement was called Almád, and was closely connected to the abbey, since Almád was part of the territories owned by the Benedictine abbey. The settlement is located in the Balaton-felvidék region, close to the road leading from Tapolca to Veszprém, in the valley of the Eger creek, 36 kilometres away from the city of Veszprém, and 12 kilometres from the city of Tapolca.


Our family-owned company was established in 2002 and our enthusiastic team as well as our carefully developed strategy has helped us to increase our market share year after year. By now, the services we provide all around the country have helped us become one of the most important actors in the market.