Monti mineral water


About the water


Water is an essential element of our life. Depending on how old we are, more than half of our body mass is made up of water. Therefore, it is extremely important to be conscious about our water consumption, since it is the most important foodstuff for our organism. To maintain an ideal balance of fluids in our body, we need to consume approximately 3-4 litres of fluids every day. It’s a commonly known fact that the quality and quantity of water we consume can directly influence the way we feel, our quality of life and our health condition.


What types of water are available?


Natural mineral water: only water that meets strict requirements and is acknowledged by the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service General Directorate for Health Resorts and Spas qualifies as natural mineral water. It must be free of any chemical or microbiological pollution or impurities and the water bearing layer should be protected underground from infiltrations from the surface. Natural mineral water has a good taste, is free from calories, its mineral content should be known and constant. It can be consumed without any limitation; it is impeccable from every point of view.

Spring water : it is very clean, natural water which can only be bottled at the extraction site (which is also true for natural mineral water) and needs to meet strict rules relevant to treatment. Its composition is not constant and there is no need to have official certification.

Medicinal water : mineral water characterized by healing effect proven through clinical tests. The composition of such waters is significantly different from normal mineral water. While mineral water has a mineral content of 400 – 2,500 mg/litre, medicinal water can have a mineral content of 25 – 30,000 mg/litre. We can generally say that medicinal waters can not be consumed in unlimited quantities.

Tap water : this basically means drinking water provided through the water mains available on all settlements in Hungary. Only 10% of such water comes from protected water bearing layers. The rest needs to go through a cleaning process consisting of several steps, in order to make it drinkable. Impurities and small floating particles need to be filtered, organic material needs to be eliminated, the water should go through decontamination in order to keep its quality in the water mains network on its way to the consumer, and all toxic materials need to be extracted from such water. This process results in - what is called – drinking water, and this is the water that gets into the water mains system.

Enriched and flavoured water: this beverage is based on mineral water, spring water or tap water that is enriched with additives, flavours and carbon dioxide.


Which one should you choose?


We strongly believe that clean mineral water is the best solution to quench your thirst.

Although spring water is clean and good quality water, its composition is not constant. Medicinal water and flavoured water are not suitable to be consumed without limitation and for longer periods. As for tap water, we share the opinion about its disadvantages (artificial production, smell of chlorine, temporary muddiness, no constant composition, change in colour, and – most important – problem is taste).

As Dr. Béla György Borszéki declared: “Nowadays, the water coming from the water mains meets the requirements from the point of view of chemical and microbiological purity, but the joy and satisfaction of consuming it is no longer present. It is suitable to be used for quenching your thirst, however, it does not provide any joy in consuming it.”

What does MONTI mineral water provide you?

It is a good experience to consume MONTI mineral water. You get excellent taste and outstanding cleanness. Natural and untouched mineral water.

Monti natural mineral water originates from the Tapoca-basin situated in the Balaton-felvidék region, from a settlement called Monostorapáti, located in the valley of the Eger creek. Our mineral water comes from 200 meters, from a water bearing layer protected by layers of limestone. The mineral content and quality of our mineral water is excellent, it does not need any treatment. There is no need for sand filters, gravel bedding, active carbon, chemicals and membranes. There are no toxic materials that need to be removed, we do not need to add anything, because what we need is already contained in the water from the moment it is brought to the surface. Our task is to preserve this quality in the form as it was created by this wonderful countryside, and to get it to you so that you can enjoy consuming it.


How do we provide you constant quality water?

As soon as it is brought to the surface, the mineral water is immediately filled into bottles in conditions that meet even the most rigorous requirements relevant to hygiene and quality. We implemented HACCP system in our factory. This system is the most commonly used food safety risk management system currently in international practice. As part of this system, the whole food production chain is under continuous control, and this is the basis of our systematic preventive quality assurance practice.

Beside our own laboratory that is continuously monitoring the water both from chemical and microbiological point of view, there are weekly controls carried out by the accredited laboratory of the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service. Requirements relevant to hygiene are controlled by the Government Office of Veszprém County Directorate for Food Chain Security and Animal Health.