Monti Bottled mineral water


bottled mineral water


Natural mineral water


A monti® natural mineral water is karst water from the Káli-basin (Veszprém county). Our mineral water rises from 200 meters below the surface. Natural character of our mineral water is certified by official documents: we do not add and we do not subtract any minerals. Due to its excellent mineral content, our water is one of the best mineral water types found in Hungary.



Mineral composition


A monti®natural mineral water does not contain iron and fluorine and has a low content of sodium. Its calcium and magnesium content can satisfy the daily needs of our body. It is especially recommended for children, sportsmen and sportswomen!



Overall dissolved mineral content: 593 mg/l


Bicarbonate:                    470,0 mg/l

Calcium:                                      87,0 mg/l

Magnesium:                                 46,7 mg/l

Sodium:                                       6,0 mg/l




Our prizes, awards


Excellent Hungarian Food Award

This trademark can only be used on products that not only meet the applicable requirements relevant to food regarding raw materials, ingredients and manufacturing process as well as the final product, but also exceed the minimum requirements in one or several of such criteria. It is very important for the product to have at least one characteristic feature, which makes it stand out from the other similar products present in the market. Renowned representatives and outstanding experts of the food industry participate in the process of deciding which product deserves to be awarded the privilege of using this trademark. Even after the award is presented, regular controls are made on whether the product meets strict quality and sensory requirements.



Hungarian Quality Product Award

This prize is awarded to companies and people whose product or activity has created a lot of added value both as social and as commercial content, and by this, it has had a significant contribution to the establishment of a stronger economy.


bottled mineral water

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