What makes it different?


Water is very sensitive just like wine. It needs to be handled with special care. Origin and type of grape is a very important factor of the wine. Similarly, origin and type is also very important when it comes to the taste and texture of water. The source of Monti natural mineral water is situated in Monostorapáti, a beautiful settlement at the edge of the Káli-basin in the wonderful region of Balaton-felvidék. It provides the ideal scene for discovering an excellent quality water which is also an elegant means to quench your thirst.

It is widely accepted that the water with the highest content of minerals has a completely different taste, and it is most suitable for quenching your thirst. Contrary to that, there are some types of water which are simply not suitable for this purpose. This characteristic is also due to the pH-value of the water. Water with a low pH-value (more alkaline) does not quench your thirst as good as a water with higher pH-value does.

Every water – even tap water – has its own distinct “fingerprint”, no matter how much minerals it contains. In fact, water has no taste and no odour, it is just a sensation that we feel when consuming it. High content of minerals makes the water taste a little salty. But even if we have the impression that the water is a little bit sour, it is only because it contains some material that gives us the sensation as if the water would be sour. If we really feel the taste of water, then something has gone very wrong, for sure.


The quality of tap water in Hungary is suitable in most of the settlements. However, contrary to mineral water, tap water is treated with chemicals and is technically conditioned. It seems that nobody cares about the fact that most of the pipes are sometimes older than 60-80 years, and it is also a fact that nobody really knows how these pipes were cleaned or maintained. Another issue is the presence of different materials coming from the healthcare industry, which could in fact have serious side effects on health.

Contrary to that, MONTI natural mineral water has not been treated with chemicals in any way, moreover it contains an ideal amount of minerals and micronutrients.

Very much like wine, MONTI mineral water is usually the tastiest and most refreshing if consumed cool, at a temperature between 10 C° and 12 C°. Our natural mineral water has a moderate character, smooth taste and it is an elegant way to quench your thirst. If you should consume it right away as you take it out of a fridge, your stomach would not be too happy about it, since the water will be too cold for you to enjoy. On the other hand, if you consume it too warm, its taste will be much too soft, which provides less enjoyment in quenching your thirst. If consumed at the right temperature, Monti natural mineral water will have an elegant, cooling effect, which you can enjoy without any limitation.