Excellent quality


Our monti® certified natural mineral water has low sodium content and excellent mineral composition. monti® certified natural mineral water comes from water bearing layers situated 200 meters underground in Monostorapáti, right next to the Káli-basin. It has an outstanding composition and quality; therefore, there is no need for treating this mineral water in any way, before enjoying it to the fullest.



The mineral water delivered to you does not contain any toxic heavy metals, manganese, arsenic or iron. It has low sodium content and excellent amount of calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Composition of monti® natural mineral water:

  • Overall dissolved mineral content: : 593,0 mg/l
  • Bicarbonate:: 470,0 mg/l
  • Magnesium: 46,7 mg/l
  • Sodium: 6,0 mg/l
  • calcium: 87,0 mg/l
  • Potassium: 1,5 mg/l




Our water has been certified as “natural mineral water” under the resolution 442/Gy/2001 issued by the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service General Directorate for Health Resorts and Spas.
Following an analyse related to the certification of mineral waters, the National Public Health Institute has certified that sodium content level of our water meets the requirements necessary to be qualified as “mineral water with low sodium content”.
Controls relevant to hygiene requirements are made by the Government Office of Veszprém County Bureau for Agricultural Administration Directorate for Food Chain Security and Animal Health.
Production and control of the product is made according to the HACCP food safety plan implemented in the production plant. The water is sold as natural mineral water, therefore the complete journey of the water from the extraction to the final product is made according to the laws and requirements relevant to food production, e.g. Food law and requirements of the decision on bottling of mineral water, etc.

Our prizes, awards

The Excellent Hungarian Food certifying trademark was created in 1998 by the Ministry of Agriculture with the aim of providing an additional marking for outstanding quality Hungarian food products. As an acknowledgement of the outstanding quality, our mineral water was awarded the use of the trademark in 2009.

The Hungarian Quality Product prize is awarded to companies and people whose product or activity has created a lot of added value both as social and as commercial content, and by this, it has had a significant contribution to the establishment of a stronger economy. Our company was awarded with this prize in 2013.