Monti natural mineral water comes from a water-bearing layer that is protected from all above-ground pollution. There is no need for purification, chemical treatment or addition of further substances. As soon as it gets to the surface, we fill the water in bottles without any further intervention. Due to its low sodium content and excellent composition it has a beneficial effect on your health and can be consumed without any limitation.


Monti natural mineral water is available all over Hungary. We are proud to have satisfied customers in all corners of the country. Our 8 regional centres are available to deliver your order to any settlement within Hungary.


By choosing our bottled mineral water, you opt for an environmentally friendly way for enjoying mineral water. Due to its natural cleanness, Monti mineral water does not need any chemical or biological purification. Even the manufacturing of the product is made through an environmentally friendly method. Our bottles can be reused several times and when their reuse is no longer possible all bottles and caps are fully recycled


In addition to our mineral water and watercoolers we also provide several accessories for your convenience. You can choose from a range of cups, water bottles, cup holders as well as trays, bottle racks, stands and bottle covers that enhance the aesthetics of your dispenser’s environment and make it look more elegant.

- the essential element


Monti mineral water comes from Monostorapáti, a picturesque settlement in the Balaton-felvidék region. The settlement is situated at the rim of the beautiful Káli-basin, in the valley of the Eger-creek. As part of the Balaton-felvidék National Park, the unbroken beauty of the area has been excellently preserved. Monostorapáti also prides itself as being an area with prosperous wine production, rich flora and fauna and fascinating natural treasures. This is the home of monti mineral water.


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essential element

“Nothing is more suitable to quench our thirst than cold, smooth mineral water”

Our most important foodstuff is clean water that has well balanced content of minerals and is microbiologically impeccable. Water contains several minerals and microelements that are essential for life. These elements are easily assimilable and absorbable by our body. It is essential for our blood circulation, solution-, transport- and absorption of foodstuff and plays an important role in maintaining the optimal heat balance of the body.

Monti mineral water comes from a water-bearing layer that is 200 meters underground and is protected from contamination, therefore the product delivered to you is impeccably clean, has an excellent composition and a smooth taste.

Other products

Following several requests and inquiries from our customers we have broadened our range of products by including coffee and tea in our offer. Our aim is to provide the most exquisite and high standard service to our customers, therefore thorough research and careful preparation has been made before the launch of the new range of products. As a result, you are able to take advantage and choose from premium quality coffee and tea along with the well-known Monti mineral water.




Choose your coffee from our range harvested in Central America and roasted in Sicily. We are confident you will find a product that suits your exquisite taste.


Choose from our range of teas from Ceylon. Due to the favourable climate and the island’s rich ground this tea is ranked among the top products in the world.

the essential element


What is brain fog and what can we do about it?
What is brain fog and what can we do about it?

Most of us have probably experienced the so-called "brain fog", even if we were not aware of it. Brain fog is a confused feeling when we can't concentrate, feel exhausted, yet still can't sleep or relax, or forget things or make simple mistakes or inattentive mistakes. Brain fog can be triggered by anything from lack of sleep, hormonal changes, to health problems such as anxiety, viral illness and Lyme disease. Although brain fog is not considered a disease, it is something to be aware of and prevent.

Understanding and supporting introverted employees in the corporate environment
Understanding and supporting introverted employees in the corporate environment

An introverted personality is associated with a number of positive qualities that can benefit an organisation. However, we can also run into difficulties that can hinder the development of introverted personalities at work. However, it is important not to see this as a negative but as an obstacle to overcome.

Microplastics, the invisible enemy that is everywhere
Microplastics, the invisible enemy that is everywhere

The microplastics phenomenon is of serious concern from both an environmental and a health perspective. Microplastics are literally all around us: they are present in water - including drinking water - soil and air. Living organisms at the bottom of the food chain often mix the nutrients with particles that are often invisible to the naked eye and thus enter the food chain. Because of the newness of the problem, no research has yet been done on the long-term effects of microplastics, but it is already clear that they are harmful to our health and the environment.