Information on E-invoice

There has been a trend recently that companies caring about environmental protection and cost effectiveness have been turning to e-invoicing. This fact should not come as a surprise if we consider the fact that currently in Europe – if we add up all elements – issuing of every single invoice creates a 10-euro cost for each invoice issued, received and processed on issuer’s and receiver’s side together. According to some estimates, the use of electronic invoicing or sending invoices in “pdf” formats by email would decrease this cost element by as much as 60-70 percent. This in turn raises the question, why don’t we all use e-invoicing? If this procedure is so effective and cheap, why is it that we still encounter companies that issue huge amounts of invoices on paper? Why is it that more than 80 percent of Hungarian companies do not use electronic invoicing at the moment?

We have analysed the above mentioned questions as much as Montivíz Zrt and its partners are concerned. It is essential that both sides decrease administrative burden and save the environment at the same time.

What qualifies as an e-invoice?

It is probably obvious by now, that all invoices issued electronically and received electronically qualify as electronic invoices. This also means that as of 2013, there is no need to sign the invoice electronically or employ EDI technology so that the invoice would qualify as an electronic invoice. In case the invoice has been sent by electronic means to the receiving party, and the receiving party has not rejected the acceptance of the invoice sent electronically, we can say that this was an electronic invoice.

Environmental protection

All human activities have a more or less significant influence on the environment, use resources, release exhaust fumes and pollutants into the air, water and soil, produce waste, have an effect on the ecological processes. Advancement will only be able to cause less harm and less irreversible effects if we take into consideration the idea of sustainable development.

We are convinced that all solutions which provide more comfort for customers not only save time and energy but provide an alternative for cutting down trees and using huge amounts of paper. Moreover, transport of invoices by post needs the use of trucks for this purpose and this is not only harmful for the environment, but it has also a harmful effect on our health.