Monti Café

Coffee is one of our most common passions. Therefore, it is absolutely normal for us, that only the best quality coffee can be part of our product range. Following several requests from our customers we started the distribution of coffee capsules. We strive to meet the high expectations of our customers in this field of business as well.



Our coffee comes from Central America and is roasted in Sicily, Italy through a method that combines the latest technology with tradition. Our coffee is roasted by La Tazza d’oro company, which has more than 80 years’ experience in the field. The company used this tradition and the latest equipment to rebuild its production chain from its basics, and therefore it is able to provide for the highest quality. Each type of coffee is roasted separately, and mixing only occurs after grinding is done by using a carefully chosen method. 






One of the main points taken into consideration when we planned our actual product range was the aim of including coffee types that satisfy everyone’s taste and perfectly serve their coffee drinking habits. Coffee types included in our range of products are made of arabica and robusta coffee types. Arabica is best described as a mixture of caramel, sweet and smooth flavours. Its sugar content is twice as much as in case of robusta type. Its caffeine content is somewhere between 1-1.5%. Robusta has a significantly higher caffeine content of at least 1.5%, or reaching even 4% in some cases, therefore it is bitter than arabica. Coffee made of 100% arabica is very tasteful and has a richer aroma than coffee made of robusta. However, robusta has a very specific characteristic, its crema. This is a creamy, full bodied, enduring layer that provides for special enrichment of the experience. By tasting our Maggiore mixture, you will be able to experience a coffee in which we managed to perfectly balance the proportion of arabica and robusta. This coffee provides you the wonderful taste of arabica coffee while experiencing the beauty of robusta crema.      

Environmental protection

Each time we plan any of our processes and products we thrive to put as much emphasis as possible on protecting our environment. Our coffee capsules are a good example of this, because they are made of materials that are completely biodegradable, therefore they do not pollute our environment.