All you need to know about natural mineral water.


Due to its origin, natural mineral water can not contain impurities coming from the environment. The underground water bearing layer is protected from all contamination from the surface.
2. In addition to coming from a protected underground water bearing layer, the source is surrounded by a well-specified protective area.
3. It is clean as it is, so it does not need any purification.
4. It took several thousand years of filtration for the water to get into the water bearing layer from which it is currently extracted.
5. It is free from all chemical and microbiological impurities.
6. It is untreated, it is free from any human intervention.
7. It is natural, it contains no foreign, added materials.
8. Carbon dioxide in not an impurity. Most mineral waters contain carbon dioxide in their natural state.
9. It contains a mixture of minerals as well as macro- and micro elements in such quantities that are beneficial for the functioning of the human organism.
10. Its composition is constant and known.
11. Quantity of natural components does not exceed strict limiting values.
12. It does not contain any materials harmful for the human organism.
13. It tastes good.
14. It is free from energy.
15. Healthy humans can consume any type of mineral water in unlimited quantities.
16. Denomination of natural mineral water is subject to approval from health authorities.
17. Each types of natural mineral water have impeccable quality, otherwise it would not have been certified and acknowledged by authorities.
18. The easiest way to tell the difference between two types of mineral water is based on the mineral content and composition; therefore, the biggest difference is in their taste.


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